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Action Lawn Service customers can enjoy a 10% discount for any work done by Action Tree Services.

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We use only the highest quality fertilizers available and have them applied by only experienced lawn technicians. We have properly timed programs and specialize in granular poly-coated fertilizer.

Weed Control

Weeds are not preventable but can be controlled. Here at Action Lawn Service this is our number 1 monitored service. We work hard while using the highest quality products available to make sure we control all weeds that try an invade your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control

We keep the pests out! Nobody wants to have insects in the home. We offer the best program around at an extremely affordable cost. Have your home's foundation secured today.

Tree and Shrub

We turn an average looking landscape into a beautiful and healthy entourage. Our program is designed to feed plants at optimal times as well as treat disease and insects. We also provide tree injections to help add micro-nutrients, prevent Emerald Ash borer and so much more.

Core Aeration

One of the most important ways to improve your lawn's health is through core aeration. Core aeration will help ease your soil compaction allowing your roots to grow deeper and become stronger. It helps decrease thatch and creates ways for air, water and fertilizer to get directly to root system.


We do this with the core aeration to give you the maximum benefit. Overseeding helps add new young grass to your lawn to keep it healthy and to thicken your lawn. It is also a good way to promote new varieties of grass that are more drought and disease resistant.

Grub Control

Preventing grubs is way more cost effective than repairing damage to your lawn. We provide a high-quality grub control that will keep your lawn safe all season.

Free Service Calls

Free professional advice is right around the corner. Call us anytime. Satisfaction guarantee for our program customers means we will stop out any time when there are issues. For example, if there are weeds trying to invade your lawn in between applications call us, we will be right over to spray them free of charge.